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  • Grilled Skirt Steak with Mustard Greens Pesto | adrunkenduck.com

Grilled Skirt Steak with Mustard Greens Pesto

Steak is king of the grill during summer and our Grilled Marinated Skirt Steak with Mustard Greens Pesto does not disappoint.  No siree, Bob.   A peppery, bright colored mustard greens pesto, with toasted pine nuts and garlic, is an excellent tasting sauce to accompany the beefy flavors of grilled skirt steak.


By |August 18th, 2015|Meats|3 Comments
  • Chocolate Lava Cake with Pitchuberry Sauce / adrunkenduck.com

Chocolate Lava Cake with Pichuberry Coulis

Chocolate lava cake, similar to a soufflé but with a chocolate ganache center, served with a pichuberry coulis, is sexual dynamite – a romantic, scene-stealing dessert.

Regardless of the dramatics, it seems natural to combine lava cake with pichuberries, as these exotic fruits are native to the rich volcanic soil of the Andes.  Their delicate sweetness and deep yellow color contrast beautifully with dark […]

By |May 23rd, 2015|Desserts, Spring|0 Comments
  • Banana Custard with Almond Wafers

Banana Custard with Almond Wafers

Serves: 6 | Prep: 90 minutes | Cook: 35 minutes

On sleepless nights, when might find yourself standing in front an open refrigerator at 3AM eating spoonfuls of this banana custard.  I know I was, and I’m ashamed.  But seeing that I get most of my fruit intake from wine, getting a banana or two into my system […]

By |April 3rd, 2015|Desserts, Spring|0 Comments
  • Braised Short Ribs

Braised Short Ribs with Rosemary

Serves 4 | Prep: minimum 3 hours marinate | Cook: 3½ hours

On this chilly morning, with winter still in the air and short ribs on our mind, we made a beeline for Dickson’s Farmstand Meats in the famed Chelsea Market of NYC to pick out two wicked grass fed short ribs.  The prize cow of braised beef cuts.

Short ribs are […]

By |March 14th, 2015|Meats, Winter|1 Comment
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